You can clike the next image to Pay for the registration Fee

Before April 20, 2018:

  • 4200 CNY ($670/5240 HKD) regular registration with 1 paper (A);
  • 3500 CNY ($560/4360 HKD) student registration with 1 paper (B);
  • 2600 CNY ($420/3240 HKD) regular attendee with no paper (C);
  • 2000 CNY ($320/2490 HKD) student with no paper (D);
  • Extra paper fee: 2100 CNY ($340/2620 HKD) for 2nd paper (A or B);
  • Extra page fee: 500 CNY ($80/620 HKD) per page;


After April 20, 2018:

  • 3200 CNY ($510/3990 HKD) regular attendee with no paper (C);
  • 2000 CNY ($320/2490 HKD) student with no paper (D);

To begin your registration, you must complete the conference registration form. Please click here to download the registration form and Send it to the conference secretariat at


Important Information:

  • Each final paper submission must be accompanied with a paid registration for inclusion in the WCICA 2018 conference program.
  • Each regular or student registration (A or B above) covers one paper of the same author who has paid for registration.
  • Each author who paid for registration (A or B) can and only can cover a second paper of the same author by paying the extra paper fee. The fee for the 3rd paper will be the same as the one for the 1st paper.
  • Each student registration (B or D) must be accompanied by proof of current full-time student status using student ID or a formal letter, which need to be emailed to the conference secretariat at with the registration form.
  • Completed registration form, and student status proof if applicable, must be sent by email to the conference secretariat at with the subject “WCICA2018-YourPaperID-YourName-Fee”.
  • Each registration in categories (A, B, C) includes a conference CD-ROM, a welcome reception ticket, lunch tickets, and a banquet ticket.
  • Student registration with no paper (D) does not include banquet ticket.
  • Conference proceedings are not available in the WCICA 2018.